For me, the portrait is, as far as possible, an act of common engagement. Only Through long-term obligation to a place and a community can a meaningful series of photographs be made. My intention is to contribute to a wider understanding of these groups, to respect them as individuals and to counter the ignorance and prejudice that is often attached to them thus approaching my craft with humility, care, respect and honesty, whilst simultaneously exploring the notion of the portrait itself. My work has been exhibited widely, most notably at the National Portrait Gallery in London, where my image ‘Female Boxer No. 3’ was the signature piece of the show. I’ve also exhibited at the Jerwood Space (London); the Host Gallery (London); the Getty Gallery (London) and the Empire Gallery (London), and my work has been part of the Tim Andrews group show. My projects, ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’, ‘Al-Ghurba (The Exile)’ and ‘Girls’, have been exhibited in China, the US and Europe respectively. I’ve had a solo show at the Arab–British Centre in the UK and been a finalist in numerous prestigious photography competitions. I’ve been commissioned by the likes of The Telegraph, Stella Magazine, The Times, The Guardian and more recently the iconic Time Magazine to name but a few. If you’re interested in commissioning me, kindly drop me a line.